4th of July Costumes 2019

4th of July Costumes

Are you dressing up for the Independence Day of USA? If so (or if you hadn’t entertained the idea of dressing up for the holiday until now), you’re in luck. We tracked down several over-the-top costumes featuring stars and stripes and red, white and blue. The list runs the gamut from tame to risqué. You’ve been warned.

4th of July Costumes

4th of July Costumes


4th of July Costumes 2019

Funky sunglasses

Tinted blue and offered in three different styles, these glasses are perfect for the Fourth… though I would be tempted to wear the peace sign glasses year-round.


Let’s face it. These leggings would probably go with everything, and you could probably get away with wearing them year-round.

90s-style T-shirts

These T-shirts are simply epic. They even had another shirt emblazoned with a tiger and the stars and stripes. Just when you thought shirts with howling wolves and bounding tigers were the stuff of the ’90s, they make a comeback. Oh, and there’s a ‘Merica shirt for good measure.

Bald eagle costume

Unisex costuming at its finest. A good-humored employee readily volunteered to model this costume, and, as you can see, the results are spectacular. (Flags sold separately.)


Big fan of do-rags? Maybe it’s time to trade your plain one in for something a little more patriotic.

Cowboy hats

No Fourth of July costume is complete without a red-white-and-blue cowboy hat. Well, I’m sure you could try to make it work, but it just wouldn’t be quite right.

An old-timey dress

Don’t you have your great-great-great-great-great grandmother’s revolutionary-era dress to wear to your Fourth of July barbecue? No problem. Just go vintage.

Bow Ties

It’s going to be hot out, so maybe you just want to wear a bow-tie and your swimming suit. (Or a bow tie and nothing at all. The Portland area is home to several nude beaches, hot springs, and resorts, after all.)

A bedazzled vest

It’s a well-established fact that sequins make everything better. Especially outlandish vests like this one.

Lady Liberty costume

Excuse me, that am Sexy Miss Liberty. Because all costumes for women are required to be sexy. All misogyny aside, this is still pretty awesome. And guys could totally rock this if they so desired.


Want to go all out? A makeup kit with false eyelashes and adhesive Fourth-of-July themed eyeshadow is the answer. Just try not to sweat too much.

Flashy sneaks

These shoes are pretty awesome, and they look super comfy, too. I snapped a photo of this pair just before someone bought them, but you could still DIY them: just buy a pair of plain white sneakers (Keds or a similar style), grab some beads from your local craft store and sew them on. It will probably take a while.

Glow-in-the-dark masks

These masks would be a cheap and easy costume option for adults and kids alike.

A sailor-style dress

Sure, it doesn’t feature any stars or bald eagles, but the colors are perfect for those who want to dress up and wear red, white and blue while being subtly patriotic. Ok, maybe not so subtle. Still fun!

Suspender trunks

I didn’t know this piece of clothing existed until I stumbled on this. If this isn’t a little out there, I don’t know what is. (Bowtie and necklace not included.)

A crop top

It’s been hot out lately. Like, Arizona hot. Thus, the crop top. Minimal clothing means you have to slather on more sunscreen, but at least your body won’t be smothered by layers of fabric.

An adork-able headband

Some things are just so silly they’re cute. This is one of those things. With springs, sequins, and pom-poms, how could it be anything else?

Short shorts

Or maybe this is actually a pair of denim underwear. (Kidding – they’re definitely shorts.) If you wear these, be prepared to get a little cheeky…


You might want to save these for your house party or the nude beach, but no one says pasties are just for those with breasts. I’ve seen guys wear them too – why not?

An inflatable gun

OK, this isn’t a real AK-47, obviously. But just imagine this paired with the bald eagle costume, and maybe those short shorts.

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4th of July Costumes 2019


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4th of July Costumes 2019

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